Automotive Components Industry

Automotive Components

CorporateServe helps organizations manage manufacturing functions optimally and improving efficiencies by implementing the following:

Demand planning & forecasting

Capacity planning

Material resource planning

Engineering change control

BOM version tracking

Maintaining levels of inventories

Input/output ratio optimizations

Procurement optimizations & vendor management

Product life cycle management

Integration with customers portals for delivery schedules

Bar code/ RFID integrations

Process streamlining

Shop floor management

Production analysis

Accurate analysis of rejection, rework etc.

Supply chain optimization

Connections with suppliers and vendors

Empower organisations to control and optimize their business

CorporateServe employs a team of engineers from different streams such as mechanical, electrical and, chemicals and textiles engineering. Engineers of CorporateServe come with domain experience of working with several manufacturing organizations.

Engineers of CorporateServe work together with a team of technical programmers to suitably design and implement ERP solution for manufacturing organizations. CorporateServe has successfully deployed ERP solutions at several multi product, multi-location complex manufacturing organizations.