Books And Publishing


Solutions for Publishing Industry

Publishing business has specific challenges that do not exist in any other business. CorporateServe offers a robust and comprehensive solution “PublicaSoft” for publishing business satisfying the following needs:

Editorial management

Royalty calculations and tracking

Optimizing title inventories

Sub-contracting the printing jobs

Subscriptions & journals

Costing of titles


CorporateServe automates various business processes in a publishing company and provides an integrated industry specific solution.

- PublicaSoft software to run Publication as a passion and manage it as a business

Empower your business with world-class technology

Seamlessly manage all your business functions:

Finance & Accounts

Purchase & Vendor Management

Inventory & Warehousing

Human Resource Management

Customer Relationship Management

Production & Planning Management

PublicaSoft Vertical

PublicaSoft help you manage:

Editorial Management

Subscription Management

Budget Management

Royalty Management

Books, Periodicals & Raw Material Inventory Management

Production & Sub-Contracting Management

Barcode & RFID

Benefits driven by implementing our integrated ERP solution will be as follows:

Data integration for various departments like editorial, subscription, royalty, budgeting, books, periodicals & raw material inventory management, production & sub-contracting can be managed by the system. Avoidance of duplication of data entry.

Optimize costs & inventory levels by matching supply with customer demand.

Manage your editorials, royalties and subscriptions.

Improve order processing management with detailed insight into your inventory, item and cost tracking.

Improve your materials requirements planning with flexible options for managing bills of material.

Manage cash flows better, create budgets easily and track expenses.