Solution for Chemical:

The chemicals industry includes companies involved in the production of chemicals with high economic impact. These include polymers, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, paints, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals. Chemical processes are used, including chemical reactions to form new substances, separations based on properties such as solubility or ionic charge and distillations and transformations by heating and other methods.

Chemical business :

Core management challenges of a chemicals business :

Manage large inventories

Manage expiry dates and tracking batches

Manage seasonal demand

Manage changes in recipes

Manage distribution

Managing operations

Maximize material yields

Export Documentation

Rationalize pack sizes and product ranges

Monitor and report on safety compliance

Manage raw material quality & safety requirements

Manage by-products

Online Costing of products

CorporateServe provide complete ERP solution for chemical and pharma industries:

The solution connects all stakeholders of business that is:

Employees in all departments


Dealers and distributors


Government bodies

The integrated solution offered by CorporateServe covers secondary sales and sales force management in an integrated manner within the ERP solution. Consultants of CorporateServe add significant value while implementing ERP at these industries.