Dairy Industry


Dairy Industry

Microsoft Dynamics ERP gives you the flexibility to all aspects of your dairy operations. DairySoft™ is developed on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which is globally one of the most popular ERP systems. CorporateServe helps organizations manage their dairy functions optimally and improving efficiencies by implementing the following:

Finance & Accounts


Milk Procurement

Village Level Centers for Milk Collection

Quality Labs

Material Management

Inventory Management

Shelf Life Management

Production Management

Processing, Packaging & Distribution Management

Sales & Marketing


-Empower organisations to control and optimize their business

Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions are scalable from small and medium to very large dairy organisation. Indian localisation of the solution is available and provided by Microsoft.
DairySoft™ ERP system has been developed by experts having vast experience of operations of renowned companies such as Gopaljee and Param.

Benefits from implementing an integrated ERP solution

Accurate payments to milk suppliers

Correct and reliable decisions on selling rates and procurement rates

Reduction in data entry points, because of single integrated application at all locations

Online availability of financial and operational information

Better internal controls & financial discipline

Improvement in inventory management

Improved performance management of sales & other staff

Product wise packing wise profitability analysis to enable optimum product mix strategy

Easier handling of business activities during peak season

Record of quality data for each batch and each tanker

Protection of financial and operational information

Business and financial analysis for better decision making

Statutory obligations to be performed with peace

Who We Are !

CorporateServe is a Gold Certified partner of Microsoft Dynamics and has also attained Gold ERP Competency.

CorporateServe has gained special expertise in implementing Dairy Vertical on Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP in several dairy organisations and has understood the pain areas that need to be addressed and found solutions for these through Dairy Vertical on Microsoft Dynamics.

The Dairy Vertical solution is provided all over world by CorporateServe, in Microsoft Dynamics ERP.