E-Commerce Businesses:

CorporateServe has a complete and comprehensive solution to help e-Commerce businesses implement an end to end ERP solution covering web portal, integration with accounts, sales orders, customer logins and account maintenance, supply chain and logistics, vendor management, customer relationship management and email or SMS integration.

Sales orders management

Warehousing & logistics

Integration with payment gateways



Supply chain management & couriers

Indian statutory requirements

Customer relationship management

Email and SMS integration

Article pictures & pricing masters

Customer logins

Vendor logins

Online Shopping:

If you want to move to providing online shipping as an option or as an additional source of sales orders, this may just be a right step and right time. Many organizations have chosen it as an additional option to customers to provide facility to shop from home. Online shopping and e-Commerce has become common and in times to come this is likely to be dominant channel of sales. The challenges of e-commerce are in Operations of e-Commerce and seamless integration with:



Tax structures

Logistics & courier operations