Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Integrated Manner:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers following functional areas as out of box in integrated manner:

Financial Management

Supply chain management



Customer relationship management

Sales and marketing

Service Management

Following Industries:

CorporateServe offers Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the following industries:

Books & Publication


Food & Beverages


Professional Services

Retail & Hospitality

Varied Industries:

CorporateServe being Microsoft Dynamics ERP Gold Competency complied company, has expertise to deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions. CorporateServe has successfully deployed Microsoft Dynamics NAV at 100+ sites including at education, publishing, manufacturing, distribution, and retail organizations. CorporateServe is a Premier & award winning Sales & Implementation Partner to Microsoft Dynamics for all the current offerings in India. The team at CorporateServe has vast experience and expertise of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution and implementation in varied industries.

CorporateServe Help You:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, delivered by CorporateServe, can help you:

Raise productivity by connecting key business functions and processes

Improve performance and customer satisfaction by making processes more efficient and transparent

Support smart decision-making through complete visibility into your business

Grow your business by helping you adapt quickly to changes in the business environment