Seed Business

Seed Business

Seed business is a highly specialized one and understanding complexities of this business needs specialized knowledge. CorporateServe has pooled together a team having experience of implementing SAP at organized seed companies.

Components of solution, with the help of SAP S/4HANA and SAC:

Sales forecasting & operational planning-by crop, by hybrid, by market segment

Growers management including accounting

Field monitoring at production stage

Lot management-generation, and tracking

Quality management-Sampling, GOTs, germination, moisture including alerts & notifications

Plant operations- Processing, packing, blending, treating and labelling

Seed inventory management by lot and discards management

Farmers feedback and analysis

Field production research

Foundation and parent seed management

Sales distribution, transportation and logistics

Standard back office operations-finance & accounts, sales order processing, payroll, asset management, non-seed inventory, etc.

Business intelligence to assist in:

  • deciding which hybrid performs better in which market
  • identifying which hybrid to produce in which village
  • highlighting sales promo schemes is to be repeated or stopped in next season
  • identifying root cause of tracking farmer complaints
  • host of decisions to optimize operations and efficiency