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Solution for Textile Industry

Textile industry is one of the oldest industries and have seen major technology revolutions from hand looms to state-of-the art weaving and coloring machines. Globalization has led to increase in competition and quality awareness and therefore it has become very important for the textile industry to integrate itself with information technology to survive. ERP is an integrated system that allows information to enter at a single point in process & updates a single shared database for all functions that directly or indirectly depend on this information.

-Empower organisations to control and optimize their business.

ERP Solution

CorporateServe offers complete ERP solution for textile industry catering to all industry sub segments including:








Retail POS

General Manufacturing

Empower your business with world-class Technology

Seamlessly manage all your business functions:

Finance & Accounts

Purchase & Vendor Management

Inventory & Warehousing

Human Resource Management

Customer Relationship Management

Production & Planning Management

Quality Control

Export Documentation

Textile Vertical

Integrated ERP

Benefits driven by implementing our integrated ERP solution will be as follows:

Data integration for various departments like sales, accounts, inventory, purchase, production and costing can be managed by the system. Avoidance of duplication of data entry. Sophisticated pre and post production costing mechanism allows to give the right price and track the profits on every order.

Better control over inventories

Better control over capacities

Get control of multi-locations data

Increased reliability of business information

Reports related to costing, finance, inventory and production are available on the click of a button

Better internal controls